Woodly Oralus

Growth Planning | Sales Coaching | Marketing Mentor | Scaling and Growth Hacking


Woodly Oralus, MBA, is the founder of Biznct, LLC. Biznct is an outsourced digital marketing solution for growing businesses. Biznct is comprised of knowledgeable cutting-edge experts in media communication and digital technology. As technology evolves, so do we to provide our clients with precise strategies to reach their respective audiences.

Previously, Woodly Oralus, MBA, was a high performing sales professional for Enterprise Truck Rental. He helped create strategies to convince prospects of their needs to learn about the company’s services. He helped conduct various meetings with clients, including initial and follow-up fact-finding presentations, closing, and transition meetings. He helped build initial relationships with decision-makers and secured referrals. Also, he created custom business solutions to facilitate closing sales.

He received his Bachelor of Science in Quantitive Analysis & a Masters Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing & Management from Florida A&M University. 

For fun, he loves to travel and being a positive light in other’s lives.

Scale and Growth Brand Management Sales Coaching  Marketing Mentor

There’s a tremendous opportunity to grow your business and personal brand through the power of digital marketing, possessing the right mindset, understanding the art of sales, and being able to execute on a strategic growth plan.

Do you have a business that needs help Scaling, generating more sales, or building a strong personal brand?

At Biznct, we help businesses/individuals increase their online presence and get more paying customers.